Diesel Loverdose

A new fragrance by Diesel. It’s nice and sweet, but what I really love about this perfume is the bottle – it’s probably one of my favourite perfume bottles after Versace’s Bright Crystal. I love the colours and the fact that it can also be thrown in your handbag… Wow, I really really love this bottle!

Outfit: going shopping

Just a simple outfit I threw on to go shopping. I guess you could say this outfit is very “me”. I love black and white and could basically live in my (fake) leather jacket and stripes.

jacket: Only, T-shirt: H&M, jeans: Zara, bag: Guess

an awkward start

I finally decided to start a beauty blog, “finally” meaning that I’ve been obsessed with beauty blogs and videos on Youtube for about 3 years now. Everything pretty, cute, shiny, girly and fashionable inspire me and now I’m going to share all my thoughts with you guys! Well, I know that at the moment I’m just writing to myself, but I hope that in time I’ll get a few more readers… just to share some thoughts! :) I’m sure I’ll write just about everything… I’m anxious to do outfit of the day’s, hauls, reviews and even some cooking related posts – who doesn’t love some cute muffins?

So, about me… my name is Anna Elisabeth, I’m 21, live in Tallinn, English is not my first language (in case I make some stupid mistakes) and all other questions will surely be answered in time. :)

Otsustasin end lõpuks kätte võtta ja oma isikliku ilublogiga alustada. Olen sõltuvuses kõigest ilusast, uuest, sädelevast ja tüdrukulikust ning tahan oma vaimustust kõigiga jagada. Tean, et hetkel kirjutan ma põhimõtteliselt vaid endale, kuid usun, et peagi saan mõned lugejad juurde, kellele riietest, meigist ja miks mitte ka imearmsatest muffinitest kirjutada. :)