On my nails: OPI – “OPI Ink.”

I was looking for a navy nail polish for quite some time, but they all seemed wrong, being either too light or too dark. Then I spotted OPI Ink and thought to myself: “Why not have some shimmer in it?” So I picked it up and I love it… yet, not because it’s navy. Cause it’s not. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s really not that blue… Well, it’s actually quite purple. I’d say it’s 50-50. In some lights, yes, it’s gorgeous and navy blue with shimmer in it, but it can also look dark purple. Not that I don’t like purple, I just wasn’t on a hunt for a purple nail polish.

When I first applied it and showed it to my boyfriend, he said: “But it’s purple!” And so did so many others… Do you see where I’m going with this? 

There you go, my new purple nail polish! :D

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Everyday Summer Body Lotion

Well, the name of this product is quite a mouthful, isn’t it? I thought I’d review a self-tanner for you guys. Although I’ve owned quite a few in the past, at the moment it’s the only one I own, besides my Shiseido face one. I’d like to try so many more, since it’s already getting so dark and cloudy outside. I barely get any daylight, since the view from the office window doesn’t really count… But let’s get to the product now. :)
It promises to gradually build a natural-looking tan and moisturise for up to 12 hours. Well, it is moisturising and absorbs fast, it also builds gradually, but as far as “natural looking” goes, I can’t really agree… Yes, my skin looks darker, but it also looks a bit orange. You have to be really careful when applying it. If you don’t, it will revenge in ugly patches. Also, I’m not a big fan of the smell and I don’t think it’s because I’ve been spoiling myself with delicious body butters. In my opinion, self-tanners just don’t have a great smell. Then again, how many have I really tried/smelled? 

There you go, my natural paleness, day 2 and day 3 (I applied it every night):

I’d give it a strong 6 points out of 10. It’s moisturising and doesn’t make my skin too orange. Yes, a bit, but not that Oompa Loompa orange. Believe me, there are self-tanners out there that can do this! ;)

What’s your favourite self-tanner?
/Ehkki ma fännan isepruunistavate kreemide ideed – jume ilma päikeseta, päevitus ilma kortsude ja ohtudeta ja nii edasi… On nendega ka parajalt mässamist. Olen viimasel ajal kasutanud The Body Shop’i isepruunistavat ihupiima, mis lubab järk-järgult nahale loomuliku päevituse anda ja ühtlasi 12-tunnist niisutust pakkuda. Järk-järgult kasvab päevitus küll ja nahk on mõnusasti niisutatud (tunde ei lugenud :D), kuid loomulikuks tulemust kahjuks nimetada ei saa. See jääb ikkagi pisut oranžikas. Kuna kreem on valget värvi, tuleb seda peale kanda äärmiselt hoolikalt – nimelt ei näe sa täpselt, kuhu seda kannad, mis võib omakorda inetute laikudega kätte maksta. Annaksin sellele 6 palli kümnest, sest ta on niisutav ja ei tee nahka nii oranžiks nagu paljud teised kreemid. Lõhn jällegi on üsna ebameeldiv. Samas, millise isepruunistava kreemi lõhn siis otseselt imehea oleks?/

fun nails

Don’t you just love fun nail polish? This Tiffany green is one of my favourite colours to wear on my nails and I also love it in room decor! Usually I tend to wear either nudes or really dark colours on my nails, but when I’m feeling a bit funky I’ll paint my nails with this.

I have Nicole by OPI – My Lifesaver on my nails. :)

Mis on teie lemmik vallatum küünelakk, kui roosad, beežid või tumedamad toonid üle viskavad? Minul on selleks Tiffany & Co karbikeste tooni roheline. :)

messy makeup storage

After watching (way too) many makeup storage videos on Youtube, I feel I should probably find a better way to store my own. I like the way it looks like this, but it’s really annoying when I need my tweezers or a brow pencil from the bottom of this pile. Plus, I think that if I added just one more lipstick, it would all fall apart. :D

Outfit: autumn day

It’s getting really cold here lately, so every morning I have to wrap up in warm and cosy clothes. I don’t really mind as long as I don’t have to wear my winter coat, but I must say – I prefer floral summery dresses and cute sandals. I miss them!

Oh, and excuse the pillow face. :D

 trousers: Mango, jacket: Only, scarf: Seppälä, bag: Guess

Outfit: garden party

 blazer: Zara, top: Only, jeans: Zara (ripped by me), shoes: ?

This is not a very new outfit, in fact this picture was taken back in August when I went to my friend’s garden party. Now, unfortunately, it’s too cold to wear such clothes and I have to wrap up in a huge scarf…

sunglasses: H&M

YSL Rouge Volupte #9 Pink Caress

I allowed myself a little splurge and got this little baby. That’s what happens when you read so many beauty blogs and see that a proper beauty guru just has to own one of these absolutely gorgeous lipsticks. At first I was afraid it would not be as good, but I was actually very pleased with it! The colour payoff is absolutely great, I barely have to touch my lips and they are already rose caresse.

Yes, I know that 30 euros for a lipstick is quite insane, but I’m a true believer that a girl just needs a bit of luxury in her life. Taking this out of my bag to throw on before a party makes the whole doll up process much more glamorous.

Lubasin endale väikest pahandust ja ostsin selle kuldse kaunitari. Nii juhtub, kui loed mitu aastat ilublogisid ja avastad, et ühel korralikul meigihullul lihtsalt peab üks YSL-i Rouge Volupte olema! Kartsin algul, et see ei ole nii hea, kui räägitakse, ent ei pidanud pettuma. Tekstuur ja värv on lihtsalt imelised! Jah, ema on mullegi õpetanud, et 30 eurot huulepulgale kulutada pole just mõistlik, kuid usun sellesse, et tüdruk lihtsalt vajab oma ellu pisut luksust. Selle meigikotist välja võtmine enne pidu muudab terve sättimise protsessi palju glamuursemaks.

Diesel Loverdose

A new fragrance by Diesel. It’s nice and sweet, but what I really love about this perfume is the bottle – it’s probably one of my favourite perfume bottles after Versace’s Bright Crystal. I love the colours and the fact that it can also be thrown in your handbag… Wow, I really really love this bottle!

Outfit: going shopping

Just a simple outfit I threw on to go shopping. I guess you could say this outfit is very “me”. I love black and white and could basically live in my (fake) leather jacket and stripes.

jacket: Only, T-shirt: H&M, jeans: Zara, bag: Guess

an awkward start

I finally decided to start a beauty blog, “finally” meaning that I’ve been obsessed with beauty blogs and videos on Youtube for about 3 years now. Everything pretty, cute, shiny, girly and fashionable inspire me and now I’m going to share all my thoughts with you guys! Well, I know that at the moment I’m just writing to myself, but I hope that in time I’ll get a few more readers… just to share some thoughts! :) I’m sure I’ll write just about everything… I’m anxious to do outfit of the day’s, hauls, reviews and even some cooking related posts – who doesn’t love some cute muffins?

So, about me… my name is Anna Elisabeth, I’m 21, live in Tallinn, English is not my first language (in case I make some stupid mistakes) and all other questions will surely be answered in time. :)

Otsustasin end lõpuks kätte võtta ja oma isikliku ilublogiga alustada. Olen sõltuvuses kõigest ilusast, uuest, sädelevast ja tüdrukulikust ning tahan oma vaimustust kõigiga jagada. Tean, et hetkel kirjutan ma põhimõtteliselt vaid endale, kuid usun, et peagi saan mõned lugejad juurde, kellele riietest, meigist ja miks mitte ka imearmsatest muffinitest kirjutada. :)